Application FAQ

Q1. How can I view my completed tasks?

All the details of your completed tasks can be seen by clicking on the 'Completed' link at the top of the page. The page shows data organized in reverse chronological order of actual completion dates. Clicking on a completed task shows the task details in a panel on the right side, but the details of completed task cannot be modified. Only tags may be associated with such tasks.

Q2. How can I view my unscheduled tasks?

You may assign tasks to yourself or tasks may be assigned to you by your team leader or project manager without any planned dates. These may be low priority tasks at that time, but would need to be done at some point in time. Such tasks which are assigned to you but don't have any planned dates are called unscheduled tasks. Such tasks can be viewed by clicking on the 'Unscheduled' link at the top of the page. You would periodically review such tasks and enter planned dates for them as per your need.

Q3. How can I mark a task as started or completed?

Whenever you start work on a task it is to be marked as started so that managers can keep track of work in progress. A task can be marked as started either by clicking on the Start button in the task row or by manually entering the Actual start date in case you have missed clicking the Start button when you actually started the task. Similar options exist to mark a task as completed.

Q4. How do I re-plan a task earlier planned for a particular date?

You can re-plan tasks created by you for yourself by editing the planned dates in the task view panel on the right side of the tasks inbox. Tasks which have been planned for you by someone else cannot be re-planned by you. They can only be re-planned by the person who has assigned the tasks to you, till such time that you have not actually marked the task as started.

Q5. How can I find who is working on what tasks in the team?

Click on the Work in Progress icon in the top menu to view who is working on what and from when. This view also shows the planned date and planned effort along with actual start date and actual effort, hence you can monitor which tasks underway are already delayed and by what proportion. This view also has a filtering option, so in case you only want to view tasks underway for a particular team member you can type his name in the filter, or if you type in text from a task, only the matching task would be displayed.

Q6. How can I monitor the status of various work items in the project?

Monitoring the progress of a project is very critical for guiding it to success. Work often doesn't go as planned and on-course correction is required to ensure that there is minimal impact of any adverse situation or condition. The project managers and team leaders who have responsibilities of their teams can continuously monitor any slippages using the Work view report. The report has multiple filters which enable one to view tasks which are delayed within a particular date range and have been assigned by a particular team leader and such combinations. Another important filter is a Tag. You can filter tasks for selected tag values. These tags are defined as per project needs by the project manager for monitoring tasks. Tags help you to group tasks into different families so that each kind of task can be separately monitored.

Q7. Can I download the task data for analyzing it offline?

Yes. Work view option allows you to download the task data as excel based on the conditions set in the filter.

Q8. How can I book time towards the work I am doing?

All tasks which have been started by you are displayed in the Book Time view for you to book time against them. All tasks which have been underway in the selected week are displayed and time in hours can be booked against them. There is no need to key in tasks again or to fill in time for each day separately. The page provides a weekly view which enables you to save one whole weeks time with a single Save click.

Q9. Is there any approval cycle in time booked by the team.

Yes, in case you book time, the time has to be approved by the reporting manager.

Q10. What collaboration options exist in the tool?

The tool enables team members to send messages, thus reducing the distraction of going to the mail box and keeping the project conversations on the centralized platform. Shared project calendars helps team to see project level events and milestones. Project updates keeps everyone in the team uptodate on what is happening in the project.

Q11. I was on leave for a day, is there a way to get an update on what all had happened in the project yesterday?

Project updates page provides all information on what is happening in the project. Just in case you were on leave or missed on team action because you were busy with something else.

Q12. How can senior management monitor projects?

Senior management which is not part of the project team is given 'Observer' status which enables them to view project dashboards which has the following project details:
1. Project attributes such as start date, end date, project manager, and budgeted cost.
2. Team details
3. Milestones
4. Project Gantt chart.
4. S-Curve.
They can query the system to find projects with upcoming milestones and review their status.

Q13. What are tags and how can they be used?

Tags are used to label tasks. This can be better understood by using an example. Tags are organized under Tag categories hence you may have a tag category such as 'Activity type'. In software development the tags under Activity type could be Requirement management, Design, Construction, Testing and Implementation. Tagging tasks with Requirements management can help uniquely identify tasks of such type and hence can be used to do some analysis such as how much time is getting spent across different type of activities. You can define your own tag categories and tags based on your needs.

Q14. Who can assign tasks to others?

The project manager has the right to grant permission to his team members for assigning tasks to others. Those who have the permission to assign task to others will be able to create task and assign it to others.