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Helps You Focus On Actual Work

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You want waterfall or Agile ? We got both.
Prepare Schedules with ease
Create schedules with the ease of desktop applications. With abundant support for shortcut keys, the process of creating schedules is a breeze.
Track Projects in real time
With your team updating the progress being made on their tasks, your schedules are automatically updated to reflect the latest status.
Analyze graphically
Analyze graphs for effort distribution, work percentage completion vis-a-vis effort consumed to get a sense of how things are and take appropriate actions.
Message to update on work status and get work done, share project calendars and files. Shared document repository provides a common place for all project documents.
Track time
Book a week worth of time with a single click. Attaching tags to tasks help you get more value from logging time. Get it approved and into the effort distribution graphs.
Manage Risks & Issues
Now project risks are no more hidden in some word or excel document. Everyone can see when you add new risks or close existing ones. Your senior management can check them anytime. You can also manage project issues.
For Agile teams
Manage backlogs
Add stories and create product, release and sprint backlogs in a jiffy. Backlog grooming is as easy as drag and drop. Attach files and communication with stories.
Task board
Manage and keep track of your sprint with easy to use task board.You can directly key in remaining time and spent time for your burndown charts.
Burndown Chart
Check the sprint progress with burn down chart.View velocity chart and average velocity.
How about a few details..
Bring your Project & Team on the same page
Online Gantt Chart

Create project plans using the project planner tool that makes scheduling as simple as typing in excel. Takes care of company calendar and weekends. Create multiple baselines. Gantt chart is automatically updated when team updates actuals. Shortcut keys will make the experience seamless.

Track Your Work

See what is due for today and what is already overdue. Check your upcoming tasks. Discuss regarding a task, the conversations stick to the task context. Re-assign the task or cancel it. View all the work you have completed and also plan your tasks which are not scheduled yet. Club a bunch of tasks as task list.

Who Does What And When

See the complete team's workload for the month. The view helps to discover who is overloaded and who has more capacity for additional work.

Time Tracking

Book time for the entire week in a single click. This view automatically shows the tasks you have been working on that week, just enter the hours worked and click on Book Time button. Things cannot get any faster than this.

Book Time
Organize Knowledge Base

Organize the project knowledge base (contract documents, project plans, status reports) into folders. Whole team has access to the project repository.

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